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"The most important book on Israel since Alan Dershowitz's "The Case for Israel"

- Governor Mike Huckabee

Since 1948, Israel has suffered three invasions on multiple fronts, bloody wars with Palestinian militias, and hundreds of terrorist attacks. Yet Israel has emerged with more territory rather than less, while its permanent preparedness for war and the marvel of Israeli innovation has turned it into the most formidable fighting force in the region.


Undeterred, Israel’s enemies have opened a new battle-front: a full-scale political assault on Israel’s legitimacy. The Anti-Israel Agenda reveals how the institutions of greatest moral and political influence including the United Nations, the campus and the Church are being turned against Israel to isolate and cripple the state until it can no longer defend its interests or its people.


Bringing together the finest minds devoted to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including Alan Dershowitz, Alan Johnson, Col. Richard Kemp, and Hillel Neuer, this powerful and timely exposé reveals how the conflict with Israel has shifted from the battlefield to become both a global and local war, fought in the corridors of power, in the media we consume, the campuses we attend, and in every forum that touches our lives. Engrossing and authoritative, The Anti-Israel Agenda is essential to understanding war and conflict it today’s Middle East.

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Featuring the leading thinkers devoted to the question of Israel, including Alan Dershowitz, Hillel Neuer, Gerald Steinberg, Colonel Richard Kemp, Professor Alan Johnson, Andrew Tucker, Peter Wertheim, Arsen Ostrovsky, Seth Frantzman, Michael Dickson and more.

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Alex Ryvchin was born in Kiev, Ukraine. His family left the Soviet Union as refugees and refuseniks in 1987, when Alex was 3 years old. He attended Sydney Boys High School and went on to study law and politics at the University of New South Wales.

He worked for a member of the NSW Legislative Council as a researcher and speechwriter before practising law at two of the world's largest law firms, first at Mallesons Stephen Jaques in Sydney and then at Herbert Smith in London. He served as a spokesman for the Zionist Federation UK, founded The Jewish Thinker opinion website and was awarded a prestigious Israel Research Fellowship to work as a research fellow and staff writer at a Jerusalem-based think-tank.  


In 2013, he joined the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Australia's premier representative and advocacy body for the Australian Jewish community, and was promoted to co-Chief Executive Officer in February 2018, becoming one of the youngest leaders in the Jewish diaspora. He is a member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps.

A prominent speaker and writer on the Arab-Israeli conflict, foreign and national affairs, and religion and identity, he writes for leading publications in Australia and throughout the world including The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Guardian, The National Post (Canada) and The Age, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs.

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