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"Israel's enemies fight the Jewish state on many fronts, and here Alex Ryvchin has assembled in one place an all-star team of scholars to break down each of these fronts. Classic battles—Israel vs. the media and the United Nations, for example—are updated here for the modern age. And The Anti-Israel Agenda breaks crucial new ground as well, including chapters on the threat posed by NGOs, the explosion of anti-Zionism on American college campuses, and the "online intifada." It makes for chilling, but essential, reading."

"In this extraordinary, must-read book, Alex Ryvchin compiles a list of experts who reveal how our own media and universities, in cahoots with many tax-payer funded entities and even some of our own politicians, are attempting to bring about the destruction of Israel. Every right-minded, freedom-loving person, Jew or non-Jew, will be horrified at how and where this global war is being fought, even on our own shores, and frequently with our own tax dollars. For all the wrong reasons, you won't be able to put this book down."

"Powerful, compelling and meticulously researched. Ryvchin has produced the most important book on Israel since Alan Dershowitz's, "The Case for Israel". A must-read for anyone seeking to understand the latest phase in the Arab-Israeli conflict."


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"Alex Ryvchin has done a fantastic job bringing some of the greatest thinkers and defenders of Israel together in a single book to tell the truth about Israel and the world's biases against it. This is a must read to understand the anti-Israel agenda and how Israel operates within today's complicated international community."

"It is fitting that on the 50th anniversary of Israel’s short, decisive, defensive war of 1967 that an indefatigable warrior, like Alex Ryvchin has assembled this book.  In an era where more than half a million people have been killed in Syria, mainly by their own Assad Government and some with the use of poison gas, it us astonishing that this overview of reality by Ryvchin and his contributors is necessary. When a democracy in a sea of worsening tyranny defends its self and sometimes makes mistakes it ought to be defended."

“Riveting, comprehensive collection brings together, for the first time, some of the most important voices fighting back against the global anti-Israel propaganda campaign. The Anti-Israel Agenda will instantly become a central text for anyone trying to understand the depravity and magnitude of Israel's opponents and the hate that drives them."

"An outstanding, well-reasoned exposé that strikes at the rotten heart of the anti-Israel movement."

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